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  New National Honor Society Criteria for 2015-16

 Shenandoah Valley Student Council

 Moderated by Mr. Anthony Pytko  
 Goal:  Student Council will act as a positive influence in the Shenandoah community.


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 Shenandoah Valley Band

​​ Moderated by Mr. John Shoener 

​ Shenandoah Valley Drama Club

    Co-Directors - Wendy Nicodemus and Sarah Yorke
    Assistant Director/Prop Master - Bridget Rooney
    Choreographer - Marissa Yorke
    Lighting Design - Lindsey Zackaravage 
    A/V Advisor - Russ Schumack


805 West Centre Street, Shenandoah PA 17976

District: (570) 462-1936

High School: (570) 462-1957

Elementary: (570) 462-2796 

    Shenandoah Valley  School District

                    SV Sophomore Selected to Perform in District Concerts 





    Shown in the photo is Shenandoah Valley High School, Music Teacher & Director of Bands John Shoener   congratulating sophomore Kaitlyn Karpovich after he received word that she was selected to perform the   French horn in both the District Band Concert on January 5th at the Easton Area Middle School and the   District Orchestra on February 9th at the Fleetwood Area Middle School. The announcement was made to   the audience at the recent SV Christmas Concert. 


 Shenandoah Valley Yearbook
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