Shenandoah Valley Elementary School
     The 2nd round of 4K and Kindergarten registrations will be held on June 13th and June 14th from 9:00 to 3:00. June 13th will be only for 4K registrations and June 14th will be only for Kindergarten registrations.  In order to enroll your child in our 4K program he or she must be 4 years  of age  by August 15th, 2017  and 5 years of age by August 15th, 2017 to enroll in our  Kindergarten program.
    Registrations are by appointment only. You may schedule an appointment by  contacting our school at 570-462-2796. Registration packets are available at the  elementary office. The packets must be completed prior to your appointment.          Required documentation includes: A birth certificate or baptismal  certificate, updated immunization records and 3 proofs of residency. Must have  all documentation at the time of registration.

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​ Elementary Faculty and Staff:

 Elementary Principal- Mrs. Brooke Wowak 
 Elementary Vice Principal - Ms. Lesley Matus

 Miss Jessica Bushinski

 Miss Dana Sobinsky                                                                     

 Mrs. Colleen Stauffer - 4K-1
 Mrs. Helen Selgrade - 4K-2

 Mrs. Lousie Tomtishen - K-1
 Mrs. Carol Shumski - K-2
 Mr. Greg Tatusko - K-3
 Mrs. Darlene Rakus - K-4

 Grade 1
 Mrs. Stephene Naspinsky - 1-1
 Mrs. Danielle Pasechnick - 1-2
 Mrs. Kelly Spock - 1-3
 Mrs. Nanette Lauta - 1-4
 Grade 2
 Mr. Stanley Cieniawa 2-1
 Mrs. Nina Delluso - 2-2
 Miss Angela Miller - 2-3
 Mrs. Elaine Schreppel - 2-4

 Grade 3
 Mrs. Catherine Coyne - 3-1
 Mrs. Michele Caputo - 3-2
 Mrs. Roxann Gervalis - 3-3
 Mrs. Teressa Zendrosky - 3-4
 Grade 4
 Mr. Mike Murtin - 4-1
 Mrs. Joanne Cieniawa - 4-2
 Mrs. Karen Sugrue - 4-3
 Grade 5 
 Mrs. Angie Brayford - 5-1
 Ms. Kayla Donatti - 5-2
 Mrs. Kim Wargo - 5-3

 Grade 6
 Mrs. Kelly Tinari - 6-1
 Mrs. Michelle Klingerman - 6-2
 Mrs. Misty Rakus - 6-3

 Guidance Counselor:  Mrs. Michele Baranowski

 Computers:   Mrs. Melissa Malloy

 Mrs. Deb Stivers
 Mrs. Diann Belsak
 Ms. Kelly Getz

 Instrumental Music/Band:  Miss Kayla Stiely                                                                      

 Title I
 Mrs. Cathy Bronakowski
 Mrs. Heather Smalley
 Mrs. Karen Cicioni
 Mrs. Jill Chowanes
 Mrs. Debbie Kessler

 Miss Ashley Finkel

 Speech and Language Pathology
 Mrs. Dawn Weinrich
 Intervention:  Miss Lauren Wood

 Behavior Interventionist: Mr. Sean Lyons

 Special Education
 Mrs. Sheena Micklo
 Mrs. Angie Huben
 Mrs. Barbara Cuff                                                                             
 Mrs. Michelle Brochyus
 Mrs. Karen Possessky
 Miss Jamie Barlo 

 Miss Maricia Buhl​

 Rochelle Jones

 School Psychologist:  Lynn Mayo

805 West Centre Street, Shenandoah PA 17976

District: (570) 462-1936

High School: (570) 462-1957

Elementary: (570) 462-2796 

    Shenandoah Valley  School District

 Daily Announcements:
   The Title I afterschool program is over.


  Fifth Annual Early Childhood Fair


  ​April Calendar


​​  Cafeteria Menus:​​

      April Breakfast Menu
      April Lunch Menu K - 8


Elementary School Principal: Mrs. Brooke Wowak