805 West Centre Street, Shenandoah PA 17976

District: (570) 462-1936

High School: (570) 462-1957

Elementary: (570) 462-2796 

    Shenandoah Valley  School District

 Daily Announcements:

    Students, please hand in any income forms and information sheets into the   office as soon as possible.
   9:30-10:30 Library will be closed.
   The Jump Rope for Heart Kick Off will take place today. You will be called to   the gym. 9:00am 3rd- 6th  4K-2nd at 10:00am
   On Friday, November 17th, students are permitted to dress down in school   appropriate jeans or gym attire if they bring in a     nonperishable food donation  to support the “Feed a Friend” program.

   Thought of the day:
      “Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A   world optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’   when things are tough.” 
– Richard M. De Vos 



  November Newletter

  School Calendar

  Fifth Annual Early Childhood Fair



​​  Cafeteria Menus:​​

      November Breakfast Menu

      November Lunch Menu

​ Elementary Faculty and Staff:

 Elementary Principal/Federal Programs Coordinator

      Mrs. Brooke Wowak 
 Elementary Vice Principal/School Psychologist

      Ms. Lesley Matus


 Miss Dana Sobinsky

 Mrs. Kate Snitzer                                                                    

 Mrs. Colleen Stauffer - 4K-1
 Mrs. Kim Wargo - 4K-2

 Ms. Saray Kelly - 4K-3

 Mrs. Lousie Tomtishen - K-1
 Ms. Molly Maloney - K-2
 Mr. Greg Tatusko - K-3
 Mrs. Darlene Rakus - K-4

 Grade 1
 Miss. Lauren Wood - 1-1
 Mrs. Danielle Pasechnick - 1-2
 Mrs. Kelly Spock - 1-3
 Mrs. Nanette Lauta - 1-4
 Grade 2
 Mr. Stanley Cieniawa 2-1
 Mrs. Nina Delluso - 2-2
 Miss Angela Miller - 2-3
 Mrs. Elaine Schreppel - 2-4

 Grade 3
 Mrs. Catherine Coyne - 3-1
 Mrs. Kelly Getz- 3-2
 Mrs. Roxann Gervalis - 3-3
 Mrs. Teressa Zendrosky - 3-4
 Grade 4
 Mr. Mike Murtin - 4-1
 Mrs. Joanne Cieniawa - 4-2
 Mrs. Karen Sugrue - 4-3
 Grade 5 
 Mrs. Angie Brayford - 5-1
 Ms. Kayla Donatti - 5-2
 Ms. AshleyMaurer - 5-3

 Grade 6
 Mrs. Kelly Tinari - 6-1
 Mrs. Michelle Klingerman - 6-2
 Mrs. Misty Rakus - 6-3

 Guidance Counselor:  Mrs. Michele Baranowski

 Computers:   Mrs. Melissa Malloy

 Mrs. Deb Stivers
 Mrs. Diann Belsak
 Ms. Chantelle Neupauer

 Instrumental Music/Band:  Mr. John Shoener 

 Health and Physical Education:  Ms. Jamie Buriak                                                                    
 Title I
 Mrs. Jessica Fryer
 Mrs. Heather Smalley
 Mrs. Karen Cicioni
 Mrs. Jill Chowanes
 Mrs. Debbie Kessler


 Speech and Language Pathology
 Mrs. Dawn Weinrich
 Intervention:  Mrs. Ellen Selgrade & Ms. Julie Fufla 

 Behavior Interventionist: Mr. Sean Lyons

 Special Education
 Mrs. Sheena Micklo
 Mrs. Angie Huben

 Mrs. Barbara Cuff                                                                        
 Mrs. Michelle Brochyus
 Mrs. Karen Possessky
 Miss Jamie Barlow 

 Miss Maricia Buhl​

​ Ms. Kassandra Blew


Elementary School Principal: Mrs. Brooke Wowak

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