805 West Centre Street, Shenandoah PA 17976

District: (570) 462-1936

High School: (570) 462-1957

Elementary: (570) 462-2796 

    Shenandoah Valley  School District

 Financial Aid/Scholarship Information

​     Use the following links to find information

       Finaid - The Smart Guide to Financial Aid
       Blackexcel -  College Help Network 
       Scholarships - Find Scholarships for College
       College Net - Find a Scholarship
       College Apps - Admissions information
       Careers and Colleges - Search colleges, careers and scholarships
       Next Step U - College and Scholarship Search

       www.sacfoundation.com - Schuylkill Area Community Foundation
       Fast Web -  Scholarship search
       College Board - CSS/Profile
       Direct Loans - Government Loans
       Help pay your loans down - Upromise
       Free Application for Federal Student Aid - FASFA 
             - Use this link to get your PIN before you complete your FASFA

 ACT/SAT Resources

  ​​ Use the following links to find information
      SAT - College Board
     ACT - ACT Student
         ACT  Question of the Day

 Talent Search

     This program is designed for post-secondary  readiness. It is under the supervision of Miss  Fritz.
 Visit Talent Search for more information.