805 West Centre Street, Shenandoah PA 17976

District: (570) 462-1936

High School: (570) 462-1957

Elementary: (570) 462-2796 

 Jr/Sr High School Staff:

 Mr. Stuart Tripler -Principal

 Mr. John Brennan - Assistant Principal

 Mrs. Michelle Zinkus - Director of Special Education


   Linda Dove: Student Affairs Clerk  ​  

   Sue Swearhart: District Registration Secretary

    Anne Kayes: Data Entry

    Marion Moyer: Child Accounting Secretary

    Kelly Savakinas: District Special Education Secretary

 English Department:                      History Department:
Judi Ashford                                                        Chris Conroy 

    Anne Taylor                                                         Mike Elchisak                                           Robin Recek                                                        Anthony Pytko
    Tiffany Barbuti                                                    Tom Lauta

    Kevin Keating

    Megan Mehalick                                                     

 Mathematics Department:              Science Department:

      Justin Berger                                                      Christine Horwhat

      William Cuff                                                       Robert Krash

      Judy Demalis                                                      Jeff Maksimik

      Noelle Stidham                                                   Pam Schumack

      Luke Morgan                                                       Russ Schumack


 ​Language:  Shawn Novatka                         Art:  William Kreiger

 Music: John Shoener                              Physical Education: Richard Werner

 Special Education:                         Technology: Linda Hixson

    Lori Hess                                                    Business Education:  Jason Gunoskey     

    Gloria Laudeman                                                  

    Coleen McGuire

    Amanda McCloskey

    Sarah Lesisko

 ESL:                                              Life Skills: Stacey Krupiewski

     Deb Stivers

    Jessica Kowalchick

 Gifted: Jessica Kowalchick                   School Psychologist:  Lesley Matus


 Guidance:  Melissa Mikita                          Testing Coordinator:  Val Chittalia

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    PSSA Frequently Asked Questions

Jr/Sr High School Principal: Mr. Stuart Tripler

Jr/Sr High School Assistant Principal:  Mr. John Brennan

  Cafeteria Menus:​​

     January Breakfast Menu

     January Lunch Menu K - 8

     January Lunch Menu 9 - 12

     Shenandoah Valley Announces Hugh O’Brian Leadership Ambassadors

    Each spring, 10,000 sophomore students from the United States participate in one of 70 State Seminars   hosted by the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation where students are recognized for their   leadership abilities, and given instruction as to how they can become more effective, and ethical leaders   in their homes, schools, workplace & community. For over three decades, Shenandoah Valley High School   participated in this program by sending students to the conference where they can interact with students   from schools throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

  Seated are the newly selected sophomores (L-R) Victoria Donovan & Rachael Roguskie being   congratulated by SV Guidance Counselor Melissa Mikita. Both girls will represent their school at the HOBY   seminar which will be held in mid-May at Shippensburg University. Standing L-R are previous HOBY reps   juniors Kaitlyn Hepler & Rylea Gaverick and seniors Lauren Petritsch & Riley Guers, who have applied and   are hoping to be selected as HOBY student facilitators.   

    Shenandoah Valley  School District


 First Day of School for 2017-18 for Students is Wednesday September 6, 2017   
 School Calendar


          SV Sophomore Selected to Perform in District Concerts

    Shown in the photo is Shenandoah Valley High School, Music Teacher & Director of Bands John Shoener   congratulating sophomore Kaitlyn Karpovich after he received word that she was selected to perform the French   horn in both the District Band Concert on January 5th at the Easton Area Middle School and the District Orchestra   on February 9th at the Fleetwood Area Middle School. The announcement was made to the audience at the recent   SV Christmas Concert.